Can I trust my local partners?

Get new markets, opportunities or access to a particular business network, especially in emerging countries, often passes by local agents services.

We validate your intermediaries and agents

The risks due to the signing of intermediation agreements , representation, agency or « sponsor » are very high, especially because of:
1. The variable quality of these agents: professionalism, honesty, monitoring, reputation
2. The risks of corruption
3. The risks related to the choice of the agent depending on its relationships (proven or not) with local decision makers. These relashionsips are subjected to exogenous risks, and could unexpectedly change.
4. Business practices related to non-compliance with competition rules, intellectual property of your trademark, infringement, establishment of parallel distribution circuits, the non respect of territorial limits stipulated in your agreements, documentation fraud, non respect of embargos, non-payment of royalties, etc.

Therefore, it is essential to conduct extensive due diligence both upstream (selection of your agents) that during the life cycle of your relationship with your agent or intermediary.

We carry many investigations of local partners and can serve your needs.