Is my supplier reliable ?

The importance of quality control and the relationship with suppliers is fundamental to your value chain.

Due Diligence Fournisseur valider

We assess your suppliers

The proliferation of suppliers, subcontractors and service providers internationally, makes it difficult to have a perfect knowledge of your suppliers.

We validate your suppliers, bringing you in-depth knowledge of their structural environment and different entities, even in several jurisdictions.

It is not uncommon that our due diligence reports  of vendors led us to investigate 4 or 5 different jurisdictions on several continents.
We also bring you an in depth report on surge of directors, shareholders and decision makers of your potential or existing suppliers knowledge.

An easy-to-read matrix allows you to compare qualifications or reference announced by suppliers.

We also put in place a policy for some customers of supplier management, including: due diligence, validation, monitoring, as well as SRM (Suppliers Resource Management) in the form of extranet dedicated to your supplier relationships, and managing the impacts of reputation.