The due diligence at the service of your development

Our company ABI is specialized in all kind of due diligence. We assist and support many companies throughout the world providing them quality due diligence helping them to take the right decisions.

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The due diligence is a validation of both the past, present as well as future developments of your partner

  • Past: Account

    • Financial accounts
    • A payment history
    • A history of litigation
    • Past performance of investment
    • Diplomas, certificates, approvals …
  • Present: Account & Audit

    • A reputation, references
    • Economic activity
    • Compliance with standars, values
    • The quality of a product, service
  • Future: due diligence

    • The ability to project a team
    • Validation of a business plan, market
    • The legal obligations and contracts
    • The business and operational synergies
    • An ability to transform R&D innovation

Due Diligence

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