Une due diligence ?

Our analyzes and investigations for due diligence are supported,our sources validated for each mission. We work with sources on the ground, real shadow analysts working to bring you a tangible business intelligence, practical and usable under your immediate needs, and developing foresight.


Access to an elite network of sources for the understanding of potential vulnerabilities and comprehensive information and intelligence, including:

– Personal and professional reputation;
– Financial history and exploitation,
– Verification of non-financial items,
– Disputes and litigation;
– Environmental liabilities and other undisclosed problems.
–  Misrepresentation or non-disclosure of material facts,
–  Financial management and analysis of financial results and ratios;
– Unrealistic or exaggerated projections of the valuation of assets;
– Liabilities unrecognized or underestimated;
– Management issues.

Our due diligence reports provide a detailed profile of important element that allows the customer to manage identified risks.

The financial due diligence should not stop at the accounts and balance sheets, but reflect management methods and governance.

Fraud investigations and internal Forensic

Establish the facts, identify scammers, shorten or recover the losses and help to restore trust with shareholders, partners, customers, regulators and other stakeholders


An investigation may involve:

  • employee interviews,
  • identification of witnesses,
  • location, retrieval and analysis of documents and critical data,
  • a historical survey of events
  • an asset tracking survey
  • Coordination of sub-projects due diligences in several international jurisdictions sometimes Level I (backround check), II (validation) or III (forensic)
  • A possible coordination with local and international authorities

Ongoing communication with the prime contractor to ensure that the investigation process remains consistent with the objectives and mastery of risk.
Our method allows us to calculate a rate risks / opportunities on a profile, an entity, a business partner, a development project.

We take into account the risk attributes and opportunities based on:

  • The territory / country, the application jurisdictions.
  • Financial results.
  • Sectoral characteristics.
  • The reputation.
  • Applicable law: business customs and the reality on the ground, in contrast to what you usually announced by the local actors …

We research, evaluate and also check all paperwork, financial, legal, commercial, and corporate reputation and their leaders.

We establish a complete map of your target.
We send you a customized report containing a risk assessment grid for your situation and your strategic decision.